5 Things To Consider When Working Remotely

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to remote work or if you have been doing it for a while, there are some important things to consider. These are sure to make the entire process of remote working easier, simpler and safer.

Key Things to Consider If You’re Doing Remote Work

  1. How Will You Keep Physical Hardware Safe? – It doesn’t matter where you are working, there’s always the risk of something happening to your computer and its hardware when you are doing remote work. For example, working in a public place brings with it the risk of theft. This is why you should consider how you’ll keep everything safe. If you need to use the bathroom, where will you leave your laptop? If you’re talking to someone, will you be able to keep an eye on everything?
  1. Is the Wifi Connection You’re Using Secure? – When you’re doing remote work, you’ll be heavily reliant on public WiFi. This may be the WiFi of a coffee shop or a library, or even WiFi offered by the town or city that you’re in. Though this is convenient, it does bring with it the concern of whether or not the network is completely safe. When you are using a public WiFi connection, be wary about sharing data and important information.
  1. Are You Backing Up All Files and Data? – There’s no way of knowing when something will go wrong with the computer that you’re using, which is why you will need to consider how you’re going to backup your files. When working in house at a place of work, this is usually taken care of by the company. However, with remote work, you’ll need to stay on top of things yourself. An external hard drive is a popular method.
  1. Do You Have Access to Charging Facilities – It doesn’t matter how impressive the battery life, all laptops and devices will need charging eventually. When you’re working remotely, this is something to think about. Make sure that wherever you plan to work has charging facilities for you to use as and when you need them. You won’t want to be rushing around looking for an outlet when you’re in the middle of something important.
  1. Have You Taken Out Insurance? – It’s a good idea to take out insurance when you work remotely, to ensure that you are covered if anything were to go wrong. A broken or stolen computer can be costly, in regards to both finding a replacement and losing valuable hours of work. Good insurance can help with this. Plus, it provides peace of mind.

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