4 Cybersecurity Regulations To Enforce In Your Workplace

As a business, it’s vital that you protect yourself as much as possible from cybersecurity threats. This is made a lot easier when you enforce specific cybersecurity regulations in your workplace. Though there are a lot of cybersecurity regulations to consider, we have listed four of the most important.

Key Workplace Cybersecurity Regulations

  • No Use of USBs – Banning the use of USBs in the workplace is a cybersecurity regulation that more and more businesses are now putting into place. Though USBs are a useful way to share files and data, they do come with the risk of files and data being lost or stolen. All it takes is for someone in the workplace to lose a USB and confidential business information can be accessed by anyone who finds it. By stopping anyone from using USBs at work, this is avoided completely.
  • Backup All Data – Backing up your data is vital, especially if you want to be able to recover data in the event of a cybersecurity attack. This is why it’s a good idea to insist that all staff backup important data and information wherever possible. Strictly enforcing data backup as a cybersecurity regulation is a great way to make it a habit for everyone.
  • Encrypt All Data – It doesn’t matter on the type of workplace that you are operating it’s important that all data is encrypted, which involves converting all data into a code before it is sent. Encrypting your data ensures that only approved users can access it. This cuts down on the chances of data being stolen, altered, erased and inappropriately shared.
  • Regularly Change All Passwords – You should insist that all staff choose strong passwords in the workplace. With just one password, hackers are able to access a surprising amount of confidential workplace information. It’s also beneficial to have everyone change their passwords regularly, as this cuts down on the chances of passwords being stolen or shared. Changing all passwords regularly improves cybersecurity and reduces the chances of someone in the workplace being hacked.

When it comes to cybersecurity regulations in the workplace, we’re on hand to help. With experience in IT Security and IT Support, the Bubble IT team are able to ensure that your computer systems are as secure as possible. Get in touch with Bubble IT today on 0115 922 4749 or via the online contact form to find out more.

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