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Your organisation’s data is a vital asset that needs to be protected. The consequences of misplacing data can cause significant damage to your business.

70% of Businesses That Suffer a Major Data Loss Are Out Of Business within 18 Months – (source: DTI)

In this ever expanding industry, increasing number of businesses are adopting a paper-less approach which in turn means relying heavily on computer storage and IT equipment. Digital data is rapidly growing at around a rate of 80% each year, and businesses like yours are responsible for maintain 85% of that information.

Most businesses in the UK would not survive if they lost their valuable company data and customer records. Each year thousands of UK businesses lose millions of pounds due to data loss. Nearly half of businesses that lose this data never actually reopen. The sad truth is that many of these businesses could have avoided closure if a robust backup procedure had been implemented.

Onsite Backup Solutions

BubbleIT MascotOne of the biggest challenges companies face is how to maximize business continuity and avoid business disruption following a server failure. Our onsite business backup solutions provide a fast and reliable disaster recovery, data protection and system migration capability to allow us to get your business servers back on-line as quickly as possible. Our recovery solutions allow for bare metal recovery to the same system state, different server hardware or to and from virtual environments. Our solution protects your entire server environment including the operating system and applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Sage and your company data. Automatic verification and re-verification tools ensure your backups are in a known good state when server recovery is necessary.

Your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the maximum amount of time your systems can be out of commission — from when a disruption occurs to the moment your system is available again. Minimizing your RTO helps you avoid the consequences of a break in business continuity.

We also offer on-line backup solutions as outlined below which coupled with an on-site solution such as ours can offer a very robust disaster recovery foundation. In most circumstances our on-line backup solutions are utilised primarily by smaller organisations who’s focus is to backup their core company data only and not the current state of their servers as a whole, in this situation recovery of the server set-up itself will be an additional expense in both time and cost. Utilising both solutions offers security in the core data being located off site in a secure facility should it be required and allowing for the quickest possible recovery of the server environment before failure occurred.

On-line Backup Solutions

backup_imageTraditional methods of backup such as tape drives, portable hard drives and memory sticks are usually very reliable if managed correctly with appropriate notifications when failures occur and suitable encryption enabled to prevent the chances of a security breach. Even with all these measures in place there is still the possibility of human error for example when rotating drives or tapes.

We offer an on-line backup solution which can complement your onsite backup routine to offer you the highest level of data backup in the event of a disaster. A fully automated off-site and on-line backup solution will provide you with the peace-of-mind that your core business data is secure and safe limiting the possibility of human error. Our on-line backup solutions are fully customised to meet your individual business needs and the data is stored in state-of-the-art data centres employing the highest security standards so you can rest assured your data will be safe. For those who are still concerned, we also allow you to set your own encryption keys to further prevent any chance of data theft.

We will work with you to design a tailored on-line backup solution which is simple, secure and cost effective allowing you to backup your core business data ensuring it will always be available when required.

disaster-recoveryDisaster Recover (DR) is a business wide activity to enable the recovery of IT/business systems due to a disaster. Depending upon the nature and extent of the disaster the recovery process can be achieved by restoring IT/business operations at an alternate location, recovering IT/business operations using alternate equipment, and/or performing some or all of the affected business processes using manual methods.

50% of businesses experiencing a computer outage will be forced to shut within five years -London Chamber of Commerce.

Disaster Recovery (DR) is not just for large organisations, Gartner estimates that only 35% of SMBs have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place.

Many small to medium size businesses believe that a disaster will never happen to them and that it is a once in a lifetime incident. In actual fact with organisations becoming more dependent upon computers and paper less processes, these incidents are very common with growing number of viruses, security breaches, data corruption and hardware failures. Whilst catastrophic weather-related incidents such as fires, floods, power interruptions are uncommon, it is imperative that small or large organisations prepare themselves for all potential eventualities.

Some of the consequences of a disaster are

  • Loss of Business/customers.
  • Loss of Credibility/goodwill.
  • Cash flow problems.
  • Loss of production.
  • Loss of operational data.
  • Financial loss.

We at BubbleIT feel that it is imperative that an organisation of any size should have some form of disaster plan in place whether that is a simple backup of critical company data to a fully maintained and updated Disaster Recovery plan.

90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut down within 24 months of the disaster -London Chamber of Commerce.

How our services can help

BubbleIT provides a range of services tailored to your individual business requirements ranging from:

  • On-Site Data Backup.
  • Off-site / remote data backup solutions.
  • Online Data Backup solutions.
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