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IT asset management is a process which entails the management and recording of physical components of computers and computer networks, from acquisition to disposal. IT asset management is a key component in capturing the financial information about the hardware life cycle which aids an organisation in making business decisions based upon meaningful measurable financial objectives.

Why IT Asset Management?

  • Can help streamline and identify unnecessary hardware & software costs.
  • Can save you time, money and peace of mind by ensuring your IT assets are recorded correctly.
  • Provides your business with an accurate snapshot of the value of your IT hardware & software to allow for better business expansion decisions.

BubbleIT can assist your business to gain a more in-depth knowledge about the current value, usage, configuration and status of your hardware and software which in terns reduces the cost and risk of software and hardware ownership.

What BubbleIT offers

  • IT Asset Audit – Site visit to take a complete hardware & software inventory which is then entered into our database.
  • Barcode / Asset Code tracking number applied to all IT equipment registered with us.
  • Full asset report provided outlining all hardware & software for tracking purposes.
  • Full maintenance plan when new hardware or software is purchased.


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