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BubbleIT offers a complete range of structured cabling and infrastructure solutions in conjunction with its cost effective IT Support services. We specialise in the design and installation of voice and data structured cabling for small to medium sized businesses, we understand the need to minimise the spend on your IT infrastructure especially when considering which cabling solution to proceed with.

Whether you are a new business, already established or moving / expanding we are here to help, our expert consultants are more than happy to discuss your cabling requirements and provide you with a quality solution that is flexible, cost effective and will satisfy your businesses cabling needs for years to come.

We understand that Structured Cabling covers a wide spectrum of solutions. Whether you want us to manage simple moves, adds or changes, or design complete solutions and installations, our flexible approach and thorough work practices guarantee successful results.

Additionally more businesses are adopting wireless solutions throughout the workplace, we can help provide wireless coverage or troubleshoot existing wireless networks, we offer a comprehensive onsite wireless audit including heat maps and signal overlapping to help identify the perfect solution for you.

Our Structured Cabling Service includes:

  • IP Telephony cabling.
  • CCTV over IP structured cabling.
  • Whiteboard Installations.
  • Re-cabling/tidying up existing data cabinet structured cabling.
  • Wireless LAN/WAN installations.
  • Structured cabling project management.
  • Wireless installation / troubleshooting solutions.


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